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Workouts for children

Playing sports is a mandatory component of a child’s physical development. Martial arts classes can also be an opportunity, along with physical qualities, to develop character traits such as courage, determination and responsibility.

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Workouts for children

Why should parents send their children to martial arts lessons?

Nothing creates discipline, fortitude, and willingness to win like martial arts. This is why many parents consider sending their child to boxing, jiu-jitsu or kickboxing sessions, where he will not only become stronger, dexterous and enduring, but also learn self-defense skills, as well as learn to achieve goals and of course win. The only thing that prevents parents from doing this is the unjustified fear of injury.

Martial arts is not about teaching children how to hurt others. Instead, these teachings focus first of all, on learning the techniques of the discipline being learned, as well as developing the child’s physical and moral qualities. In addition, training sessions for children are conducted under the guidance of a coach who not only monitors safety while practicing strikes or sparring, but also selects loads and exercises individually for each child in order to avoid injury.


Advantages of martial arts classes for children:

  • Promoting good health and physical development. Martial art classes for children contribute to the correct development of muscles and skeleton during childhood or adolescence.
  • Learning self-defense skills. During training kids learn to defend themselves, as a result of which they become more confident in relationships with peers. They can also protect themselves and others.
  • Development of moral qualities. Training in martial arts fosters discipline, diligence, and attentiveness in a child. It also develops a respectful attitude towards elders and careful attitude towards the weak.

Children training at the PM Fight Academy is conducted by experienced coaches, as well as athletes with achievements in their respective sports, who know how to find an approach to the child’s needs and help him achieve his goals.

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Martial arts classes at Parimatch Fight Academy

The PM Fight Academy is not just a gym, but a place designed specifically for martial arts. We teach children different types of disciplines, each with its own unique features and benefits.


Boxing is great for children of all ages. It helps to develop coordination, speed and endurance. Group boxing training sessions for children are carried out according to a specially developed program, in which the emphasis is put on playing and on physical exercises, learning striking techniques, leg work and soft sparring. Thanks to this type of organization, the child learns the science of boxing gradually, and no longer experiences fear when entering the ring, and is confident in his abilities.

Thai boxing

Traditional Muay Thai is considered a rather tough type of martial art, and it really is. But, inside the classroom with children, a sports version of this martial art is taught, without dangerous blows. In addition, the emphasis on training is put on learning the unique technique of Muay Thai, practicing strikes on shells and in pairs. Muay Thai strengthens muscles and joints. It also improves flexibility and mobility of the whole body.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

One of the principles of BJJ is “give in to win”. This means a way of fighting in which the fighter does not use brute force against his opponent, but rather adapts to him and uses his power against himself. Another principle of this martial art is “minimum effort, maximum efficiency”. The goal of BJJ is to knock the opponent down, and incapacitate him using techniques such as leverage, choke, throws, and blocking arms and legs. Therefore, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an ideal training option for developing self-defense skills for boys and girls.


Kickboxing combines striking techniques with hands and feet. It also helps to develop a child’s agility, endurance, strength and coordination, as well as moral qualities such as perseverance, persistence, and discipline. Kickboxing training for children is aimed at learning the striking bases of this martial art, and then practicing it in sparring with limited and light contact.


Grappling is a relatively new sport, so not all parents understand yet what benefits it can give to their child. Grappling combines the techniques of different martial arts, such as freestyle wrestling, BJJ and sambo. The main work is carried out on the ground, therefore, in training, children learn the use of various techniques, as well as the use of striking techniques to gain initiative over the opponent. In grappling, physical strength is less important than in other martial arts. Instead, concentration, agility and technicality are more relevant. Thanks to classes performed under the guidance of a coach, the child learns to defend himself correctly on the ground, gains knowledge of biomechanics, learns regrouping and avoiding punches.


Mixed martial arts is probably the most popular type of martial arts during recent years. In this discipline the best qualities of boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, grappling, sambo, and other sports are combined. MMA training for children includes learning the basics of throwing and striking techniques. There are also classes about the development of general physical fitness and learning the tactical nuances of fighting. Sparring is carried out in protective gear and in limited contact, which allows the child to consolidate the knowledge gained in class and gain additional self-defense confidence.

At the PM Fight Academy, a child will master the basics of martial arts under the guidance of experienced trainers, find new friends and have a healthy lifestyle. You can find out more about training for children by calling 068-622-77-77 or through the contact form available on the website.

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Alexander Barabash

International Master of Sports in Pankration, Ukrainian and World champion in MMA and pankration

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