Going to the gym is the perfect way to keep fit and get a beautiful body.

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Benefits of exercising in the PM Fight Academy gym

PM Fight Academy is a modern gym in Kiev, which has everything you need for physical self-development: exercise bikes, treadmills, barbells and dumbbells, TRX loops and other exercise equipment. All sports equipment is from important brands such as Title, Rival, Rogue and Matrix. In the reception area there is a bar with sports nutrition supplements, smoothies and fresh juices, then there is a wardrobe, changing rooms and showers, as well as a small lounge area and a massage room.

Regular sports and exercise provide many benefits. Here are 5 reasons to buy a gym membership:


Increased muscle strength and endurance

Increased muscle strength and endurance. Regular exercise in the gym, combined with a well-balanced diet, leads to increased body capacity.

Weight Loss

Loss of excess weight. Strength training promotes calorie burning by boosting your metabolism, which, when combined with a proper diet, can maintain a calorie deficit and mobilize fat reserves.

Increased muscle mass

Increased muscle mass. Resistance training with the right diet will increase muscle volume, which will make your body more muscular and toned

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Strengthening the cardiovascular system. The heart, like any muscle, requires proper training to remain functional. Strength training requires more intense heart work than aerobic exercise. The American Heart Association has found that strength training three times a week is an effective way in preventing coronary artery disease and circulatory failure.

Improving mood and well-being

Improved mood and well-being. When doing strength exercises, especially when working with free weights, the amount of endorphins secreted by the body increases. This can be compared to an euphoric state, and of course, within reasonable limits, a positive dependence on physical activity. In addition, with the improvement in physical fitness, self-confidence increases, which allows you to feel better in everyday situations.




CrossFit is a strength and fitness training program based on aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and weightlifting. Crossfit exercises are performed intensively, without long breaks, thereby developing strength and muscle mass. CrossFit also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, muscle extensibility, reaction speed, psychomotor skills, and general physical condition.

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TRX is a bodyweight workout that uses a dedicated set of adjustable straps. Thanks to TRX, you can develop and strengthen muscles evenly, without straining your joints and spine. The use of belts allows you to change the intensity of the load, even within one exercise, by adjusting the angle of the body in relation to the ground

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Stretching is a set of stretching exercises that combines elements of gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. Stretching helps to relax muscles, make them more elastic and resilient, and improve the cardiovascular function. When doing exercises, it is important to maintain coordination of movements, breathing rhythm, and monitor your well-being.

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Functional training

Functional training includes exercises that use a person’s natural movement, as well as light loads. The movements that it uses are ones that we employ in everyday life. However, despite their simplicity and naturalness, they require functional strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

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