Fitness bar

The fitness bar is another extremely important aspect in our gym. Here you can have a healthy snack, order a fresh milkshake, and relax after a strenuous workout.

Fitness bar

Having good nutrition is essential in the life of an athlete. This applies to both professionals and amateurs. Without it, it is impossible to achieve good results in martial arts, let alone build a beautiful and healthy body. Here are some reasons why you need sports nutrition:

  1. Maintaining optimal body weight. Body weight is important in almost every sport. In disciplines such as wrestling, boxing, judo, or powerlifting, where competitors are qualified in weight categories, it is often necessary to have a certain weight before the competition. In addition, maintaining body weight is important for people who go to the gym to lose extra kilos, and proper nutrition plays a key role in this aspect.
  2. Maintaining energy balance. Heavy training requires a lot of energy. Athletes carry out several workouts a day, so it is important for them to preserve energy reserves and eat properly. The energy value of the meals consumed should correspond to the needs of the body and cover the daily energy costs.
  3. Normalization of metabolic processes. Proper nutrition during exercise in the gym plays a key role in the metabolic processes of the body, as it provides it with all the necessary micro and macro elements. This eliminates the risk of exhaustion and the occurrence of various disorders due to lack of vitamins.

Sports nutrition will help make your workouts more productive, and will become an indispensable addition to your daily diet, or special regime before a competition.


Fitness bar at the PM Fight Academy

Our bar offers a varied fitness menu of sports nutrition snacks. Examples include protein bars and shakes, isotonic drinks. There are also gainers and amino acids to help you replenish energy after training, as well as to gain or prevent weight loss.

The fitness bar opens simultaneously with the gym. This means that even if you come to workout at 7:00 in the morning, you can refresh yourself with a healthy snack, drink a protein shake or buy a bottle of water.